Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Keep' Cheat Sheet + Tekumel Violence

1. First:

Quicky Keep, for if your PCs decide to attack it (click to enlarge)

2. Yet Another Appalling Tragedy Caused By People Not Listening More Carefully To Me

So CKutalik ran us through an Empire of The Petal Throne dungeon--I mean "City Buried In Accordance With The Sublimely Inscrutable Belief System of A Lovingly-Crafted Yet Ineffably Alien Culture Whose Imaginative Majesty Only The Most Refined Minds Could Possibly Hope To Grasp"--and, though my guy got through all right and I had a great time and got to use the Medium power to travel to the land of the dead and ask Ckutalik's previous TPK'd party how they got past the sacrifice-door, (which tactic is shaping up to be the "ask the Paladin if it's evil" of Tekumel) things did get a bit hairy. Prompting this post from our DM...--oh sorry, I mean our "CBIAWTSIBSOALCYIACWIMOTMRMCPHTGM"...

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  1. Regarding PvP violence-- I always try to recruit the players into cahoots with me & each other about it-- "Okay, you guys are clearly headed for a confrontation, lets say we make that part of the PLOT & do it on purpose?"

  2. Ha! Brilliant! "Fighters..." indeed.

  3. The best causes of PC death are usually the inane, easily-avoidable ones.

    Truly hilarious.

  4. Thanks for the Keep! And the rest of the post, too!

  5. Fucking priceless. Actually, I would guess 2hp would be pretty close to two pints of blood, if not more (considering your average Joe is 1-3hp).

  6. re the Keep - The first thing my PC did when he entered the keep was find the best place to rob. After, that it became a process of knocking off the juiciest targets until we ran the place. Sure, we were 11 years old and had the rules completely jacked, but the caves were cake after the knocking over the keep.

  7. That's fucking funny! If someone has divination magic that will help you out, and he uses it, be smart enough to listen to him when he tells you what to do.

  8. It's actually one of the reasons why in Prof. Barker's campaigns there tended to be a division between Stability and Change character groups. It's a little easier to adventure when you know that even if somebody worships a different god, they are still on your "side of the line" - although to be fair, this wasn't a hard and fast rule, e.g. General Mnashu of Thri'il was (and is) a Karakan worshipper, while others in his sorcery contingent worshipped Vimuhla and other gods of Change. Past that, social status is the big determinant of who gets to do what to whom: a high status lord can simply have somebody executed out of hand, and protesting it can get you killed too. Not too surprisingly, staying in character is a smart idea.

  9. our DM...--oh sorry, I mean our "CBIAWTSIBSOALCYIACWIMOTMRMCPHTGM"

    Thanks Zak, but you forget the honorific, Hu'fum'chagna', that changes the meaning from "You Sadistic Fuck" to the proper "You of Sublime and Terrible Game-Mastering Skill".

    The session and the following conversation have to be one of my favorite gaming moments in recent months.

  10. Excellent. Just excellent. Reminds me of my own group back in the day.

  11. When doing improv. Acting, what you don't do When someone opens the kitchen cupboard and ask what you would like to eat for dinner--what you don't do, is pretend to be a man riding a horse into battle.

    Aka, respect the acting of the people you're improv-ing with. If you're a killer, or controlled by a demon, it's always an NPC that must pay the price. You should not take agency away from another player.

  12. @UWS

    Who are you talking to and what about?

    Honestly that was up there with "West Side Story Was Good" on the inexplicable UWS guy comments.

  13. West Side Story was pretty good!

  14. @Zak

    Re: West Side Story

    Your postings will never be as good as the postings we see only in our heads, and you can't blame us if we respond to the more intersting posts.

    That will teach you about the cat and the screwdriver.

  15. The question by Hill Cantons is, "how do you handle PvP". The answer is the same in any sort of improvisational troup; you don't piss in other peoples cereal. Hannibal Lector doesn't kill and eat (in what ever order...), because she's the other PC in the story, everyone else is an npc.

    Walking onto stage, it's bad form to say you kill another actor who's improvising, because you've relegated them to an NPC in the story of YOU.

  16. @UWS

    Then why are you talking about it here and not on Hill Cantons?

    Who in the actual story presented here are you trying to lecture on the art of improv? Jeremy for trying to kill Mark or Mark for also wanting to fight Jeremy?

    Why are you repeating the whole argument again in your comment?

  17. And fuck off with your wry humorus put downs of comment posts you don't care to understand--how does it feel to be the locrosse wearing jock preening infront of your fan club, making fun of the geek?

  18. I deeply apologize for asking you questions to try to figure out what you are talking about rather than just writing you off as someone talking crazy talk.

  19. Hey, suddenly I don't feel as embarrassed about my little gaming faux pas. Thanks, UWS!

  20. Wait, so if a geek makes fun of another geek, that geek is therefore a jock?

    But geeks always make fun of other geeks.

    And a jock cannot be a geek.

    Which means all geeks are jocks as soon as they become geeks and, as such, cannot be.

    Which means this post cannot be found to not make sense since only things that exist cannot make sense, and for a post to exist it must be written, and since the only people who could create and read a post on a blog used by geeks would be geeks, this post must be written and read by geeks, but there are no geeks to read or write this post therefore I didn't write it and you didn't read it. And since it cannot not make sense, it therefore makes sense and cannot be disproven.

    Which does not confuse you at all because you, geekjock, are not even there.


  22. What Tekumel dungeon/adventure/whatever is it? Tekumel sounds rad. Like Planet Algol rad.

  23. As one of the aforementioned Dead Texans, I find it funny that I stumbled upon this thread a year and a day after its posting and have absolutely no memory of a door opened by blood-letting.